Nick Lamb

Nick Lamb      Intern

Hi, my name is Nick Lamb! I am a second-year university student at HKUST currently living in Hong Kong and interning at Encompass HK.

For a little bit about myself, I spent my much of my early life living abroad moving every 1-2 years, living in places such as New York, San Diego, Xiang Hai, Singapore and Sydney, before finally settling down in Naples, Florida. Going into university, I wanted to continue my experience of constantly being challenged with new environments and people. That is why I finally selected WBB, a program that allows me attend three different universities, each in a unique country while pursuing a degree in international business. Aside from this, I have always been passionate about football, lifting, fishing, and environmental and social issues.   At HKUST, I played striker on the university football team, and tried to sneak in some hiking, fishing and water sports on the weekends. I contacted Encompass HK  in the hopes of continuing to learn about and contribute to environment sustainability and social betterment. I was delighted to be offered an opportunity to intern at a company that I believe is making a strong positive impact in the community.

Since I can remember, I have always cared deeply about environmental and social issues. In high school, I created and led a teen anti-human trafficking taskforce and would present about the dangers of grooming and provide resources for high school to speak up if they believe that themselves or a friend is at risk. Over my freshman year summer, I worked on a report for a London based private equity fund, Future Business Partners, on sustainable beauty products in both the US and Europe. It is now published at The Red With my experience in both researching and connecting with people across different cultures, I believed I could bring real benefit to Encompass HK.

My experience with Encompass HK began in the spring of 2021, when I reached out to CEO and co-founder Benita Chick about the possibility of interning. She was incredibly friendly and truly passionate about her portfolio of work at Encompass HK. With Benita’s support and direction, I immediately got to work. What I have particularly enjoyed about working with Encompass HK is the variety of work I get to do. Between helping create business proposals, listening in on corporate presentations, and helping to lead eco tours, I always feel as if I am engaged with the company goals and learning. I have had the opportunity to meet people from a variety of different fields, and have had the opportunity to work on many things that I have never done before. For example, for the 2021 earth day I got to listen in on a fascinating Hogan Lovell presentation about companies that are trying to address the rising levels of CO2 in our atmosphere.

However, I believe my favorite memory with Encompass HK so far has to be when I helped lead an eco-tour trip for KPMG with Benita. We visited the island of Lantau, and had a full day itinerary of exploring the island and learning about eco friendly companies and habits. One particularly cool activity that we had was visiting a local sustainable farm in the town if Mui Wo. The whole day was a blast, and it was especially rewarding to teach a corporate team about environmental issues in a fun and engaging way.

Overall, my experience at Encompass HK has allowed me to pursue my passion for addressing environmental and social issues in a truly impactful way. With Encompass HK I get to do good for the Hong Kong community while also improving on skills that will help me in whatever career I end up pursuing. I have already learnt so much with Encompass HK and can’t to see what else lies ahead for me!


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