SDG Young Influencer Program

After 1 August 2022

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Our mission is to share the Good of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDG Young Influencer Program is an innovative initiative of Encompass HK that aims to engage and nuture a group of young talents in Hong Kong who are passionate about sustainable development and are eager to be the pioneers in promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The program details are as below:

Encompass HK將於八月舉行「The SDG Young Influencer Program」。此計劃旨在凝聚本港對可持續發展有熱誠的年輕人,並培育他們成為推廣聯合國可持續發展目標(SDGs)的先驅。


Program features

SDG Young Influencer will:

  • Receive training to better understand the SDGs from both local and international perspectives;
  • Meet friends from different backgrounds, united by similar values and appreciation for sustainability;
  • Be awarded the “SDG Young Influencer” certificate; and
  • Develop and pursue personal actions towards realising SDGs.
  • The program is offered in a bilingual format (both English and Chinese option available)


SDG Young Influencer將會:

  • 接受與可持續發展目標相關的培訓,學習從本地及國際視角認識相關議題。
  • 結識來自不同背景的朋輩,一同探討可持續發展議題。
  • 獲頒 「可持續發展目標大使」證書
  • 了解如何通過個人行動實踐可持續發展目標
  • 活動將以雙語形式進行。


SDG Young Influencer is expected to:

– Attend at least 2 in-person courses and events offered by the “SDG Education for Youth” program in summer of 2022;

– Take personal actions to show understanding of the SDGs; and

– Share with others practical applications of the SDGs in daily life.


SDG Young Influencer需要:

– 於2022年暑假參加至少兩次由「SDG Education for Youth」舉行的課程或活動

– 主動通過個人行動實踐可持續發展目標

– 與他人分享日常生活中如何通過實際行動支持持續發展目標

Target participants

Youngsters who are:
– Aged between 10 and 14 (at the time of making the application);
Hong Kong residents;
– Responsible, energetic and with excellent problem-solving and leadership skills; and
– Passionate in promoting the SDGs and striving for a better future of our global village.


– 10-14歲(以報名時的年齡為準)
– 充滿活力、有責任心,並具出色的解難及領導能力
– 對推廣可持續發展目標有熱誠,願意為建構美好將來作出貢獻


Free of charge



Teaching Guides
SDG Education for Youth Program

Our “SDG Education for Youth Program” will cover 5 topics to be launched in July 2022. There will also be a visit to the SINO Innolab and SKY Farm on August 25 PM.
「The SDG Young Influencer Program」 將會於七月舉行。活動將涵蓋五大主題。我們還將安排在 8 月 25 日下午參觀 SINO Innolab 和 SKY 農場


Sustainable fashion and HK start-up

This workshop will be delivered in collaboration with UNSPUN, a HK-based start-up with a supply chain in the US. We’ll first introduce why sustainable fashion is important and some background figures about waste in fashion. We’ll then explore how the UNSPUN jeans help to reduce waste in fashion and how to create an entrepreneurial spirit in running starts-up. We’ll discuss how to use technology in reducing fashion waste and giving a customized experience for customers.

Focus: SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure & SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

ZOOM session  on July 19, HKT 5:30-6:15pm:
Speaker: Olivia Wong

In-person speaker in August 29, HKT 10:30-11:30am:
Speaker: Walden Lam, UNSPUN



可持續目標9 (產業、創新與基礎設施)
可持續目標12 (負責任消費和生產)

Fairtrade and chocolate

This workshop will introduce why fair trade is linked to the SDGs, and how people can practice sustainable living in their daily lives. By exploring US fairtrade certification programs, participants will learn what makes trade fair both for producers and consumers. Students will participate in fairtrade chocolate tasting to further discuss the value of sustainable and responsible consumption and production.

Focus: SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production &, SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities.

ZOOM session speaker on July 22, HKT 5:30-6:15pm:
Speaker: Jenny Leung, World Kitchen Club

In-pesron speakers in August 18, 10:30-11:30am:
Speaker: Sabrina Cheung, Fair Trade HK

Chocolate-tasting session in August 18, 3-4pm:
Venue: RevTime 殤城逆流

ZOOM session speaker on August 24, HKT 10:30-11:30am
Speaker: Abby Massey, FairTrade America



可持續目標12 (負責任消費和生產)

From eco-anxiety to climate action

This workshop will discuss eco-anxiety, a feeling of inertia, despair, hopelessness, or overwhelm due to the ecological crises, and strategies on how to communicate those feelings. Participants will learn how to have difficult conversations about climate change. In addition, students will discover stories about young climate activists from HK and the US to gain motivation to take initiatives in their local communities.

Focus: SDG 13 Climate action. 

ZOOM in July 21, HKT 6:30-7:15pm
Speaker: Annabelle Ho

In-person session in August 27, HKT 10:30-11:30am at The Desk, Leighton Center:
Speakers: Dhaanya & Reaha, My Green Mantra

ZOOM session in August 19, HKT 10:30-11:30am:
Speaker: Hailey Campbell, Care About Climate




Natural History in HK and US

Using HK Biodiversity Museum as an example, we’ll discuss the importance of preserving and showcasing natural history. Students will be invited to learn about how museums can contribute to an understanding of biodiversity. During the workshop, participants will get the chance to learn more about the unique biodiversity in Hong Kong.

Focus: SDG 14 Life Under Water & SDG 15 Life on Land 

ZOOM session  in July 20, HKT 5:30-6:15pm:
Speaker: Benita Chick from Encompass HK

ZOOM session in August 20, HKT 10:30am-noon:
Dr. Jennifer SheridanCarneige Museum of Natural History
Dr. Benoit Guenard, Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum



可持續目標14 水下生物
可持續目標15 陸地生物

Gender Equality

This workshop focuses on awareness about intersectionality, diversity and inclusion and how women leaders from Hong Kong and the US have fought for equality. We’ll explain why there is a gender gap and how one can strive for everyday gender equality.

Focus: SDG 5 Gender equality  

ZOOM session on July 18, HKT 5:30-6:15pm:
Speaker: Joscelin Yeung

In-person  session in August 22, HKT 2-3:30pm at WYNG Foundation in Sheung Wan
Dr. Grace Ting, The University of Hong Kong
Dr. Sonia Wong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



可持續目標5 性別平等

Encompass HK

To sign up, please fill out the online forms below by 31 July, 2022. We’ll announce the dates of 5 workshops here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at



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Welcome to SDG young Influencer!

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Jenny Leung
Coco Tse
Yannie Lam
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