Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Why Choose our Diversity and inclusion workshops?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is so important to the workplace that it has become a top priority for many organizations. Academic research showed that organizations that are more diverse and inclusive are more likely to have better performance.

However, implementing D&I strategies, programs and practices successfully can be a challenge for many organizations without sufficient  knowledge and experience.

Our diversity and inclusion workshops help organizations build a more inclusive workplace by providing practical and interactive experiential-learning, tools and tips that are tailored for the client’s needs. The workshops consist of three levels of modules (introductory, intermediate and advanced) on a wide spectrum of D&I issues.  Many of our clients have benefited from our training by successfully implementing their own strategies and programs to become more diverse and inclusive.They include SWIRE group, Freshfields, Schroders, Manulife, PayPal, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, The University of Hong Kong, KGV School among others.

Our Diversity and Inclusion workshops include

  • Confronting Unconscious Bias
  • Inclusive Communication
  • How to be a better ally
  • Intersectionality and Multiple Identities
  • Beer, Chocolate and Inclusion
  • Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions
  • Creating Psychological Safety
  • Culture Bias and Competency
  • Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace
  • Bridging the Generational Divide
  • Inclusive Leadership

Download the pamphlet below to learn more about our D&I workshops!

Why Choose our LGBTQ+ workshops?

Encompass HK LGBTQ+ trainings offer a variety of workshops that explains the intricacies of LGBQT+ issues – from introductory workshops that explain gender and LGBTQ+ concepts to in-depth training that cover LGBTQ+ inclusive language and suggestions for LGBTQ+ allies. The workshops are experiential-learning in nature and incorporate a variety of interactive elements to engage participants. Encompass HK’s depth of knowledge in the field will help organisations in Asia to create inclusive workplaces for their LGBTQ+ employees. 

These workshops include:

  • Intro to LGBTQ+
  • How to be a better ally
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive language
  • LGBTQ+ and Psychological Safety
  • Let’s talk about LGBTQ+ (for parents)
  • Dissecting bisexuality and transgender issues through inclusive language
  • Understanding trans and non-binary inclusion
  • LGBTQ+ in China
  • LGBTQ+ in the City tour

Download the pamphlet below to learn more about our LGBTQ+ workshops!

Encompass Hong Kong
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