Anushka Baldwa

Anushka Baldwa – Marketing Intern

Hi, my name is Anushka Baldwa! I am a penultimate year student pursuing the Joint School Program in Biotechnology and Business at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I am currently a Marketing Intern at Encompass HK.

A little bit about myself: Before moving to Hong Kong for university I did my IB and IGCSE in Bangkok, Thailand. I have lived in 5 countries; hence I love meeting new people and spending time with my friends. Living in different countries has definitely made me more open minded and accepting of people of different nationalities. This experience has further improved my cross-cultural communication skills, which is vital to my work at Encompass HK. 

At university I am part of several societies, which allows me to learn new things and meet more people. Outside campus I am also a senior EYAcademy Cadet, a program created by Ernst and Young. This has given me the opportunity to participate in case competitions, network with professionals at EY and improve my skills related to the accounting services sector. During my free time I indulge myself in visual arts. I love painting and my medium of choice is acrylic paint. Recently I started exploring and selling digital prints made on my iPad as well.

My story in Encompass HK began in late 2020 when I heard Benita give a workshop in one of my Marketing classes. This got me curious into the kind of work she did, hence I approached her on LinkedIn which led to an interview. It was not long until she called me aboard to work at Encompass HK as a Marketing Intern. Thus far I have met several amazing people and gained their perspective. I have grown my skills as a social media marketer and creating and adjusting content to suit the needs of the client. I have further explored my creativity through this role and have successfully applied theoretically concepts taught in class here as well. I have applied my digital art skills to successfully create PowerPoint decks, infographics and boost social media engagement. For instance, one of the projects I am doing at Encompass HK is to revamp its Instagram account.

I am passionate about the topic of sustainability and previously, I have participated in case competitions which revolved around the broad theme of CSR and sustainability. Working at Encompass HK has allowed me to learn so much more about it. I am excited to see what more is to come in my way here at Encompass HK!


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